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Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events


Mejestuosity, exclusivity and taste, for a succesful event !!

This is what Castell de Riudabella offers to the clients that choose an idyllic and unique setting for their wedding or any other kind of event. 


Each celebration is designed and custommaized individually for each client, in order to fully satisfy their needs and make the most special days of their life happen.


It offers various outdoor areas with wonderful views to set up the reception cocktail, and there are several menu options to suit any size of event.


Castell de Riudabella collaborates with the most recognized companies in food and catering services, decoration, big tents, photography and video recording, wedding planners...

  • Cocktails

  • Gala dinners

  • Theme dinners and events

  • Family celebrations

  • Business meetings

  • Product presentations

  • Product exhibition and fairs

  • Fashion show

  • Spaces for photographic shootings

  • Spaces for filming, series and movies

  • Small concerts

  • Team-building activities​


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